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Employee Increment Process Management
Maintain monthly registers and comparison charts

Perform complete increment analysis for your employees just by a single click. You can maintain monthly charts, supervise the employee turnover and then apply the increment policy. Using HRMS, build comparison charts and update the increments automatically as and when required based on the norms of the company or organisation.

Employee Incentive Management

Set up a customised criteria according to the company's preferences for incentive calculations (which can be performance based). Our software lets you calculate and auto-generate the incentives and export them to CSV. Keep your employees updated by sending auto-generated E-mails or SMS regarding the incentives.

Employee Performance Evaluations

Identify the skills of your employees and the places they can improve. Set goals and guidelines, gather 360-degree feedback, and review performance; bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be. You can develop an evaluation form and set an evaluation schedule. Maintain appraisal templates, customizable forms & review questionnaires with our software.


Employee termination Management

Handle all the employee terminations by creating a documentation of employee performance and behaviors. Generate employee termonation process notification and record all necessary information such as reason for termination, a set of alternatives and a statement for terms of separation.


Grievance History Information Management

You can manage all the grievances by providing links to raise complaints and disputes through the software and send auto-generated mails for the reception of grievances and thus notifing for resolving the issue.


Employee Loan Process Management

Do you find it cumbersome to keep track of the loans taken by employees ? Use the exclusive loan management feature of our software by having a loan ledger and keepin track of all the loan adjustments with felxible or fixed EMIs.




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